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Human Factors Evaluation Unit

Neuma designed and assembled a device which serves as a human factors evaluation unit, a firmware development platform, and a diagnostic tool.


Key Accomplishments:


  • Fully functional device with Bluetooth, user controlled  LED intensities & colors, different tones, haptic feedback, and feedback in space via accelerometer

  • Device utilizes firmware which can serve as a test platform for other devices and utilizes an Android app which can be modified to the user's liking

  • CAD & Altium files

  • PCBA assembly and final device assembly  performed in house

Equipment Design and Fabrication

Neuma designed and assembled a piece of equipment used to monitor the movement of a plunger within a customer’s drug delivery device using a laser measurement system coupled with a data acquisition system.  This enabled fine tuning and real time testing of the device’s firmware.


Key Accomplishments:


  • Fully integrated piece of equipment meeting the customer's requirements

  • Equipment was used for characterization testing which fed back into device firmware development

  • Performance testing on final devices

  • CAD and full drawing package & Altium files

In-house Modelling & Prototyping

A vial adapter was designed, 3D printed, and molded in house.  FEA and tolerance analyses were performed prior to prototyping to reduce component iterations. 3D printing was utilized for rapid component evaluation as well as for quick turn injection molds.


Key Accomplishments:


  • CAD quickly refined and modified to allow for design changes and prepped for 3D printing and molding

  • FEA to confirm functionality & Tolerance analyses to confirm fit

  • In-house 3D print & In-house prototype molding

  • Component testing

Insulin Pump Dose Accuracy Testing

Neuma refined a dose accuracy protocol for a customer to be used as part of Design Verification activities and in 510(k) submissions


Key Accomplishments:


  • Identified multiple points of clarification to the customer to establish a more robust and repeatable setup which can be utilized in the future with new and different personnel.

  • Identified setup improvements which better isolated the test setup from external disturbances.

  • Executed device testing which produced data with less environmental artifacts than the preexisting setup

Reusable Autoinjector Development

Image for illustration only

An electromechanical, reusable autoinjector was developed as a platform device to be used by multiple pharmaceutical companies.


Key Accomplishments:


  • Generated IP and developed technologies for RFID/NFC syringe identification, Bluetooth connectivity, skin sensing, and pre-injection drug warming

  • Developed design allowed for:

    • Automated sharps protection

    • User selected injection rate

    • Use with existing syringes

Wearable Injector Development

Image for illustration only

A prefilled, preassembled, large volume wearable injector was developed as a platform device to be used by multiple pharmaceutical companies.


Key Accomplishments:


  • Generated IP and developed leading technologies for needle insertion and container access mechanisms in conjunction with a fully integrated prefilled, preassembled system

  • Completed a successful clinical trial with one of the industry’s first, pre-filled, pre-assembled wearable injectors

  • Produced GMP ready-to-fill primary container configuration to be filled on existing syringe filling lines.